100 Thousand Poets for  Change

On Saturday September 24th. 2011 , was held worldwide "100 THOUSAND POETS FOR A CHANGE" event. 95 countries participated, 550 cities and more than 600 meetings were organaized . Valencia also participated;  Susana Gastelumendi was the responsable person in the organization and ArquitÉcnica Ruzafa collaborated, giving  their offices  for the event.

As its main U.S.A. organizer said, " The first type of change is for poets, writers, artists, anyone in fact meet to create and perform, educate and demonstrate , simultaneously, with other communities around the world. This will change the way we see our local community and the global community. We've all incredibly alienated in recent years. Barely know our neighbors down the street let alone our creative allies who live and share our concerns in other countries. We need to feel this kind of global solidarity. "

In Arquitecnica Ruzafa´s offices and in an environment that radiated a peace and serenity atmosphere, people linked to the poetry and to other activities attended,  willing to listen and to express feelings through their verses; a group of poets and writers with profound, high quality , sensitivity and timeliness texts : Jane Singleton , Miriam Mimi Miraelmundo Bermejo, Fran Vargas, Alex Mascha , Carolina Master, Carmen Grau , Adriana Chavez , Eva Monsoon.

To finish  and accompany this successful evening of great cordiality and friendship, collaborated and sponsored Bodegas Vicente Flors Taco and Va -Vive with exquisite wines and catering

We thank Alicia Martinez of El Dorado who helped promote the event through his blog El Dorado Agitacion Spottorno Poetics and Guillermo Giner de Soypoeta.