Valencian Community,

where you can live the summer and spring almost one year long...

Second leisure and vacation tourism destination of Spain.

Comunidad Valenciana is a touristic area all the year round, because of the tempertures, wonderfull sea, beaches views, mountains.

Mediterranean Coast : No extreme tempertures, mild all the year round.

Valencia is a good example of a Mediterranean climate, has an excellent weather, soft, wet

and more than 300 sunny days a year. The average annual temperature in the Valencia region

is around 18 degrees Celsius.

These conditions make this area an excellente destination all year round for tourism, mountain sports, beach sports, culture tourism and relax tourism.

Travel around the towns and cities of the Region of Valencia and discover the area’s most attractive and evocative geographical features. Close to 500 destinations that offer countless possibilities: traditional fishing towns, charming picturesque villages and modern cosmopolitan cities, on the coast or further inland, to relax in the midst of natural surroundings and enjoy its cuisine, fiestas, celebrations and lively nightlife. Brimming with culture and history, these towns and cities guard invaluable historic and artistic heritage .

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, capital of the Valencian community, after Madrid and Barcelona. Rich in agricultural and maritime resources. With over 100 kilometres of coastline this vast province offers many possibilitie.

How to arrive to Valencia:

1. Airplane .

Manises airport is 8km. far from Valencia. From the airport you can take the subway that arrives at down town Valencia in 20 minutes.

2. Train.

North Train Station, is located at the heart of down town Valencia. There arrive trains from all cities of Spain an Europe.

3. High Speed Train : AVE

The AVE has its satation also in down town Valencia, directly with Madrid in 2,5 hours.

4. Port

Valencia Port is an important conection with Balears Islands, and also with important Mediterranean Cruises.

Albufera Natural Park
The park is home to the largest lake in Spain and one of the most important wetland areas in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a place of great ecological interest with rare species of wading birds and a rich variety of wildlife. 









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